What we are About

Situated in the Little Italy of Montreal since 2005, is proud to share this city’s sophistication and vibrant culture with the world. When we first started manufacturing canvas, we quickly learned that there was a need for quality canvas that were previously only available to people in the industry.

Starting with prints from the top publishers based in the USA, we mastered the meticulous and detailed art of crafting a true canvas transfer. A process that takes a keen eye and a skilled hand, but the end result really speaks for itself. Using only the highest quality materials sourced locally, each canvas is hand made to order and hand packed for snug, safe shipping to your home.

The ArtToCanvas Difference

A canvas and giclees are the next best thing to the original, and we take pride in our process and the quality of the materials we use.

Retailers mass produce prints stuck on cheap imitation materials like vinyl, with poorly produced colors that fade with time in direct sunlight. A true canvas transfer or giclée uses a high quality print directly from the publisher with the colors as true as can be. By the end of our process, those colors are embedded into the canvas, gaining its beautiful texture. We then apply a transparent UV coating to protect the art from fading when exposed to direct sunlight. Our finished results are truly built to last a lifetime.

We also believe everyone should be able to afford gorgeous art in their homes and offices. That is why we offer everyday low prices and free ground shipping to our US & Canadian clients.

Your Art, Your Way

With time we introduced new mediums for our clients, including wood, acrylic, aluminum and paper prints. Each of our mediums carry the same quality and allow your favorite art to demand attention and presence on your walls.

Our goal has always been to allow you to customize how your favorite works of art will be displayed. Each medium has its own set of options, backed by visual aid on our product page to help you decide on what finish suits you best. Included in these options is our world renowned brushstrokes application. Our brushstroke process is known for turning a canvas into a replication that closely resembles an original.

Hand Painted Originals

Our newest member to the ArtToCanvas family of products is our hand painted originals. Each of these oil reproductions is hand painted by local artists to give you a truly unique product. You can head over to the originals section here to see our ready to ship paintings.

Shipping, Terms, & Returns

If you have any questions, please click here to contact us. You can also contact us by phone during regular business hours by calling us toll free at: 1.877.282.2007.

If you are expecting a package from us and would like a release form for the driver to leave the package at your door / porch, you can download the release forms for our carriers by clicking here. Once you are notified that your package has shipped, you simply fill in the required form for that specific carrier and leave it at your door the day of delivery.

For more information, please click to see our Terms & Conditions/Returns Policy.